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Tips for Installing Wood Flooring

The floor you choose is an important part of the renovation, the look of your house or room depends on the flooring you choose. There are plenty of floor types to choose from such as carpets and terrazzo but the best of all is hardwood flooring. However, the quality of your hardwood flooring matters as not all have the same quality and color. You should choose the one that satisfies your aesthetics and performance. To explore more options choose a reputed flooring company who are good at installing hardwood floors or will guide you well with the DIY route. If you are confident to do it on your own, then here are a few tips for installing wooden flooring in your space.


There are various types of wooden flooring, they come in different shapes, size, pattern as well as material. Choose that flooring that perfectly fits your space. It is also important to think about the kind of flooring you want, whether it is solid or engineered hardwood flooring. If you have a problem of underfloor heating or you want to float it over something then always go for engineered hardwood flooring. The subfloor may sometimes determine the thickness of your flooring. The floor you choose also depends on the fact that how busy is your space. If it is a hallway then it will be super busy so choose oak wood flooring, if it’s the bedroom or a quieter area then you can choose delicate wood like walnut.


Hardwood is a natural product, it tends to change or contract with respect to its environment.  it is important to let it acclimatize sufficiently when it reaches your property. This process will eliminate the risk of damage during and after installation. Try to leave it in that space for more than seven days. However, before you leave it just make sure that the space is completely dry.


The next step is to prepare your subfloor before the hardwood floor installation. Your subfloor should be leveled, clean, dry and flat before the installation, if it is not the way it should be, it can create a lot of damage. You may take the help of your hardwood flooring company to investigate the conditions of your subfloor, as they have the proper tools and training to do so.


Every hardwood flooring installation comes with a guide. Make sure to read it carefully from top to bottom. It will teach you to prepare, install and maintain your hardwood flooring. In case you have any doubt, do not hesitate to call your flooring installation company.


For installing anything you need proper instructions and proper tools. Think of the various tools you will need to install your hardwood floor. If you are planning to float your floor you will need to underlay while for a tongue and groove flooring, you will need a WPVA glue for the joints.


The direction of your flooring is your choice. Usually, people tend to lay their floor lengthways according to the path of light as when the light falls it highlights the natural beauty of the wooden flooring. However, you should concentrate on the shape and size of the space. If space is small then you should install it along the length as it will make your space look bigger. One piece of advice is if you are nailing the floor to existing floorboards, is to fit the flooring perpendicular to the floorboards.  This will help to give strength to the flooring and keep everything stable.

Installation depends on a lot of things such as the type of flooring you have chosen and the subfloor you have. Just try to make sure that the process of installation is followed and the method of installation matches the flooring you have purchased. Reading the instruction carefully will give you the best possible results but if you are unsure of installation or you would like further advice then do call your hardwood flooring installation company.

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