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Best Engineered Hardwood Flooring For Sale

If you’re looking for the best engineered hardwood flooring for sale in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, look no further. Focus On Flooring has got you covered. Engineered hardwood floors offer a brilliantly designed natural wood flooring option. It’s made of veneer hardwood bonded over substrate high-quality plywood or the core of pine MDF.

Because the top layer is the only layer consisting of real wood, you can buy any engineered hardwood flooring variety at a lower price than real hardwood. This also means that there is less timber in engineered hardwood flooring, naturally conserving natural resources, making it a low maintenance and more sustainable flooring option.

Here at Focus On Flooring we feature the best engineered hardwood flooring brands for sale. You can find a wide variety of colours, surface textures and thicknesses. From the best engineered hardwood flooring in Oak, Hickory or Maple to name a few available flooring options, you can pick and choose the best flooring for your vision. Feel free to call us at 647-945-8780 or chat with us live or on social media, we’re here when you need us!

Brands We Carry

Need engineered hardwood floors?

Engineered hardwood is a premium natural wood flooring option with timeless elegance. 

It’s made of veneer hardwood bonded over substrate high-quality plywood that beautifully lights up any room.

Whether you need engineered hardwood floors to install yourself or need a full renovation team of flooring experts, we’re here when you need us.

For inquiries on our engineered hardwood flooring collection or engineered hardwood flooring installation services, call us at (647) 945-8780 or chat with us on LiveChat or social media.

We will beat any competitor’s price!

Top Benefits Of Hardwood Floors

Featuring the top benefits of engineered hardwood floors:

  • Timeless Elegance
  • Ageless Appeal 
  • Durability
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Versatility In Design
  • Eco & Allergy Friendly
  • Warmth & Comfort
  • Easy To Refinish
  • Compatibility With Radiant Heating
  • Resistant To Stains & Spills
  • Enhanced Acoustic Qualities


Focus on Flooring renovated all of the floors and stairs in our home & we couldn't be happier! The quality of workmanship is excellent, and communication was smooth & reliable every step of the way. Rafal answered all of our questions and went above & beyond to make sure we were satisfied!
Alex S
We’ve been extremely lucky to have found a contractor like Ralph. The work was done on time and his crew is reliable. We are incredibly happy with the results and from now on Focus on Flooring is our go-to contractor. We will reach out to Ralph for flooring installation on the second floor this fall.
Dorel A
Ralph, Ruben and Focus On Flooring team did an excellent job completing a full renovation of the basement - installing new subfloor and laminate floor, trim and painting as well as new bathroom glass and wall/floor tiles. I really appreciated their honesty, reliability and quality. Great job!
Victor M

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