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Premium Oak Grey Floor Kronotex Robusto D 4956 1-Strip / AF / 33 AC 5 / V4



Premium Oak Grey Floor Kronotex Robusto

Premium Oak Grey Floor Kronotex Robusto – THE WORKAHOLIC: FOR PERMANENT STRESS

If load-bearing capacity is a priority when choosing the floor, it is clear what you should choose: namely – nomen est omen – ROBUSTO. With a high-density, 12-millimetre-thick carrier plate and the Clic system, which was developed for peak loads, ROBUSTO stands for maximum resistance. Not to mention its surface, which can withstand a lot. A floor on which you can make a lot of demands without any problems and which retains its original beauty for many years even when used commercially

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The core competence of KRONOTEX GmbH & Co. KG, which was established in 1993, is producing high-quality laminate flooring. A member of the internationally active SWISS KRONO GROUP, KRONOTEX is one of the leading European manufacturers of laminate flooring. At its base in Heiligengrabe, Germany more than 700 employees use eco-friendly production methods to make healthy laminate and engineered wood boards that meet the strictest environmental standards. KRONOTEX exports to more than 90 countries.

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