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How to Choose the Right Flooring for Your Commercial Property

Each and every type of flooring material is designed for different applications. For this reason, we are going to delve into the latest trends in flooring solutions for commercial spaces. And also explain the essential features you need to know to choose the right flooring for your business.


Of course, the very first thing you should be aware of when choosing a flooring for a commercial surface, is how much it can withstand. Especially because it has to bear a huge and constant foot traffic, and it must be suitable for it. The thickness and material quality must be carefully examined.

Vinyl flooring is currently in vogue, as it is often ideal for large commercial areas. It is tough enough for intense foot traffic and comes in a wide range of colors and sizes that share a strong durability. Vinyl Click and Glue Down/Loose Lay Vinyl flooring are part of our diverse catalog.


Although it may seem superficial and somewhat trivial, flooring design also plays an important role in the selection of a commercial flooring. This is mostly because as it is a public place, having an attractive and eye-catching design is a big plus.

Creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere, to offer customers a unique experience, is possible thanks to the multiple combinations that Flooring Liquidators floor offer. Our products adapt to each customer’s commercial concept with specific transits and suitable designs.

As we’ve already stated, vinyl flooring is an on-trend option. They are versatile and available in all kinds of designs and textures, from wood to textile. So it can be an excellent choice if we keep this attribute in mind. We also have other excellent options such as our Commercial Carpet, which is especially ideal for hospitality, healthcare, business and educational properties.


Preventing people from slipping is a fundamental thing to consider when choosing the type of flooring to use. Grocery stores and shopping malls are very prone to spills of food and beverages. This is why it is extremely important to use anti-slip floor particle systems. Thanks to the different texture, finish and color options, it will preserve the safety of customers while allowing for easy cleaning.


Accessibility to commercial premises is an essential condition for all establishments open to the public. Allowing autonomous and safe access for people with visual impairment or reduced mobility should be a priority for any company.

In addition, the adaptation of a store or a restaurant to make it accessible improves the image of these establishments, since they are identified as “socially responsible”.

The removal of architectural barriers or their adaptation gives the business a better quality and means an opportunity to open its premises to potential customers. Aware of this, Flooring Liquidators offers a wide range of products and accessories that make accessibility easier and safer for all customers.


And going a little further, you must identify your ideal commercial flooring with a long durability that will need a really comfortable and simple maintenance.

Cleanliness and hygiene are two of the key points for these high traffic spaces, which is why Flooring Liquidators range for commercial surfaces is equipped with the highest quality features and superior water resistance.

These systems incorporate multiple layers of high-performance materials that can help keep the floor in perfect condition, while significantly increasing surface resistance, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.

Choosing such a system is an optimal way to help ensure that retail floors survive the sales, back-to-school and Christmas seasons without damage. At Flooring Liquidators, we are leaders in flooring and have specific solutions for the retail sector and department stores.

Know your business and your objectives

Of course, understanding the type of commercial space you will be developing is also essential to decide on a suitable flooring for its needs. Customers and visitors to public buildings probably never think about the floor they are walking on.

In typical types of venues, there is usually something much more interesting happening a little higher up than their feet, but the type of flooring used in a building can have a big impact on the appearance of a venue.

That’s why industry professionals need to think long and hard about what type of flooring would be best. Since flooring is the most used – if that’s the right word – part of the building, it can make the difference between a calm and relaxed space, or a stylish and busy business area. People can literally feel the difference in the type of flooring used, so if you are developing public spaces, there should be time in your schedule to consider this.

GYM Flooring

Gymnasium floors obviously have to fulfill a different function to other floors. Wooden floors in gyms are primarily intended to provide a springy base for people so there is minimal pressure on the knees. The laminated one is specially recommended to provide sufficient friction for the right footwear.

The right footwear is the key phrase in that sentence, and should clarify why gyms are often so fussy about what you can and can’t wear on your feet, if you’ve ever wondered.


Shops that sell natural products often opt for wooden floors to create a rustic, natural-looking feel. Shops like LUSH do this very effectively and the natural look complements the bright colors of their products.

However, that doesn’t necessarily explain the use of wooden floors in clothing shops. They use dark floors to contribute to an industrial look, complemented by intrusive metal designs and architecture.


Colour is the only variation, with some galleries going for dark floors and white walls, and others the other way around. The reasoning behind this is not really clear, but the main reasoning is that it creates a warm and neutral environment for people to settle in to see whatever art they are there for.

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