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Experts advice on clean Laminate flooring

Our recommendations for the best cleaning products are manufactured by Bona. We do not recommend homemade products for cleaning laminate or hardwood flooring as it can damage your flooring.

Not recommended

This is a common household mistake when it comes to moping your floors. Using a sponge or mop to can be tedious and leaves streaky marks as well using excessive amounts of water will make it easier for moisture to sink into the cracks.

Over time when moisture gets in between the crakes it will cause the flooring to warp.

Recommended way to start cleaning your floors

There isn’t a perfect way to do things but it’s always good to have options when clearing your laminate flooring. Focus on flooring Toronto has years of experience to help save your flooring.

Everyone has their own personal routine and if you’re happier to do things a certain way then stick to it. Here are 3 options that will get the work done.

  1. Run a vacuum over the floor. Make sure it is set on the wood floors setting
  2. use the microfiber mop (without water) to get all the big clumps of hair and dust up. You can scrape the debris off and rinse before using the same microfiber pad for wet mopping
  3. dry dust mop with a Swiffer type sweeper

Note: Avoid using vacuums with a beater bar because it can scratch the laminate floor. Our recommendations would be to avoid vacuuming altogether.

Caring for your laminate floors (Do’s and Don’ts)

  1. Avoiding the use of a wet mop that use lots of water.
  2. Spills and water puddles, Cleaning with a dry cloth or paper towel. Leaving spills and puddles for remain on the surface for long periods can damage your laminate flooring.
  3. Due to the construction of laminate flooring, you should never wax or polish
  4. Avoiding the use of chemical cleaners that promises a clean and shine look.
  5. Do not use bleach or abrasive cleaners for cleaning laminate floors
  6. Never use steel wool or scouring pads because they are known to scratching surfaces

Removing stains and marks

Gum – None metallic knife or scraping instrument should be used to avoid scratching the floor.

Crayons marks – Damp a cloth and rub away with mineral spirits.

Bloodstain –  Use a non-chemical window cleaner.

Ink removal – Stubborn stains require a little of detergent, be very conscious of how much detergent is used and make sure to wipe up with a damp cloth when you are done.

Mechanical Grease – The oldest trick in the book. Frees the grease with an ice pack and scrape the area with a none metallic knife or scraping instrument.

Wine (Red) – Wipe surface with a damp cloth.

Nail polish – Nail polish remover and wipe with a warm watered cloth when you are done.

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