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Can humidity affect your hardwood flooring?

Can you believe that winter is already here? With the cold weather in store and turning up the heat in your home can affect your humanity level and your beautiful hardwood flooring. Your hardwood flooring is made of wood and the change in the environment during the cold seasons can naturally cause it to react.

When you purchase hardwood flooring it’s always good to remind yourself to ask the right questions to help protect your investment. This is why Focus on Flooring hardwood flooring expects to provide the best hardwood experience to our customers. Keeping your humidity levels on hardwood flooring essentially keeps the flooring looking great, healthy and long-lasting.

Humidity levels

What is humidity level healthy for your home and flooring?

According to recent studies, the ideal relative humidity for your healthy and comfortable environment for flooring is about 40-50%.

Winter seasons: It may need to be between 30-40% to prevent condensation on your windows and other surfaces. Relative humidity settings that are too low may cause respiratory infections, allergic rhinitis, and asthma.

Summer seasons: It can move up to 50-55%. Relative humidity that is too high may have health effects due to mold growth, dust mite infestations, as well as certain bacteria and viruses.

Humidity levels of 30-80% – Engineered hardwood floors and for other engineered floors it would be around 35-65%

Humidity levels of 35-55% – Solid hardwood floors.

For more accurate expert advice, speak to Focus on Flooring hardwood flooring experts.

Hardwood flooring dryness problems


The coming cause of dryness problems we come across at Focus on Flooring are the cracks between planks. Gaps can easily develop which is normal but homeowners should be prepared or enlightened during the installation or buying process. Once indoor heating is turned off in the springtime and humidity levels rise again, most gaps will close up again.

Splits in wooden flooring

When wood flooring is stressed to its maximum, the wood will weaken and make your hardwood floors more brittle and increases the likelihood of splitting and damage. Unfortunately, this damage is permanent and long-term as the wood finish is cracked and no longer protected.

Preventive care for hardwood flooring

  • Use of humidifier during winter months to balance humidity levels
  • If you leave your home on vacation during the winter months or planning a trip do not turn the heater done too low.
  • Special note to have your humidity on when you are using stove as it creates very dry condition

Keeping in mind that the temperature and humidity level at recommended levels are beneficial to your health and hardwood floors.

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