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Tosca Flooring is a finest hardwood flooring manufacturer in Toronto. They are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and dependable, efficient flooring products.

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Tosca Floors

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

TOSCA 2202

TOSCA Vinyl 2201

TOSCA Vinyl 2203

TOSCA Vinyl 2205

TOSCA 9905

TOSCA 9907

TOSCA 9904

TOSCA 9902

TOSCA 9901

TOSCA 9903

TOSCA 9904

TOSCA 9902

Laminate Flooring

TOSCA 9905

TOSCA 9907

TOSCA 9904

TOSCA 9902

TOSCA 9901

TOSCA 9908

Engineered Flooring

TOSCA Dark Charcoal

TOSCA Cloudy Grey

TOSCA Cement Grey

TOSCA Simcoe

TOSCA Coffee

TOSCA Cloudy Grey

TOSCA Grayish White

TOSCA Marsala

TOSCA French Grey

TOSCA Grey Goose

TOSCA Earth Grey

TOSCA Volcano Ash

TOSCA Lunar Grey

TOSCA Pearl Grey

TOSCA Moonlight Shadow


TOSCA Antwerp

TOSCA Braganza

TOSCA Sestriere

TOSCA Zermatt

TOSCA Chamonix

TOSCA Eureke

TOSCA La Thuile

Solid Hardwood Floors

TOSCA Crown Saddle

TOSCA Rossano

TOSCA Golden

TOSCA Cherry Walnut

TOSCA Natural

TOSCA Coffee

TOSCA Sienna

TOSCA Gunstock

TOSCA Dark Charcoal

TOSCA Praline

TOSCA Butterscotch

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