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There are many parts to a staircase that you never thought of before but if you are planning for an upgrade, you are likely becoming more aware of them now. One of the most important components is the stair railings. This is what helps keep you safe and provides you with support as you travel up and down. While it is a key functional aspect of to a staircase, it is also an aesthetic element that you can alter or replace when redecorating to better fit in with your new space.

Here’s a list of services provided by Focus on Flooring Toronto:

  • Commercial Stairs
  • Open Concept
  • Traditional Stairs
  • Open Concept Stairs
  • Curve Shaped Stairs Cases
  • Combined Stairs
  • Glass Rail stairs
  • Ornamental Rails
  • Contempo Railing
  • Classic Metal Railing
  • Estate Railing
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