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Hardwood Stairs and Stair Refinishing Toronto

Focus on Flooring Mississauga brings a collection of stunning hardwood flooring solutions for residential and commercial flooring in Mississauga that complements your interiors with an exquisite look and feel. Each of our products reflects versatility in terms of design, color scheme, and texture. They imbibe an unusual richness of oak and the quality of birch that rightly talks about your needs year after year. Featuring lasting elegance and durability, our hardwood floors are certainly a timeless investment.

We provide a variety of styles to our customers to select from and install the best Hardwood flooring in Toronto. When it comes to selecting a design and style for your home Focus on Flooring Mississauga has the expert advice.

At Focus on Flooring Mississauga, we handpick the best hardwood flooring in Toronto that can be renovated to prolong their lives. Investing in the best hardwood floors will certainly make a valuable addition to your home and last a lifetime.

Laminate flooring Mississauga

Laminate flooring is highly requested for Condominiums, Commercial and residential properties across Toronto. We provide Laminate flooring in Mississauga as its always durability & Long lasting, laminate floors just as hardwood flooring come in a variety of designs, styles, and colors. At Focus on Flooring Mississauga, we always recommend exclusive laminate floors that offer timeless elegance in every possible way. For the most part laminate floors are easy to maintain and inexpensive compared to hardwood flooring.

We have handpicked the best Laminate flooring in Toronto from a wide range of designs to cater to your existing decor choices. Here’s why we know we can be the best fit for your next project:

Laminate flooring are “fade resistant” and they preserve the same look year to come.
Stain proof Laminate flooring that are highly resistant to stains.
Laminate flooring is easily to install companied to its competitor and its can be done without a professional assistance
Laminate Flooring is easy to maintain


Engineered flooring has a reputation on its own for its convenience to be an alternative solution. It’s a unique flooring solution that is gaining popularity due to its versatility, endurance, and appealing excellence. Comprising of several layers of wood, the engineered material comes with an extended longevity than the solid wood. Focus on Flooring Mississauga will help you select the best-engineered flooring choice through an assortment of exclusive collections, each of which reflects the diverse preference.

Engineered flooring becomes extremely tough. They offer perfect resistance against sinking.
Engineered flooring are resisting to moisture. They are less prone to be effected by moisture the solid wood flooring.
Engineered flooring compared with solid word flooring are versatile in design and functionality in many ways.

Click Vinyl Flooring Mississauga

Luxury vinyl floors are appreciated for its soft and warm under tand offers the most natural and realistic ceramic or stone looks you’ll find anywhere. Luxe Plank luxury vinyl floors also offer highly realistic looks – only in hardwood colors and textures. Focus on flooring Mississauga recommends this type of flooring as it can also bring a unique touch to your home decor as it comes in authentic plank lengths and widths, with beveled edges and ends.

Here’s list of recommended manufactures:


Stairs and Railings Mississauga

There are many parts to a staircase that you never thought of before but if you are planning for an upgrade, you are likely becoming more aware of them now. One of the most important components is the stair railings. This is what helps keep you safe and provides you with support as you travel up and down. While it is a key functional aspect of to a staircase, it is also an aesthetic element that you can alter or replace when redecorating to better fit in with your new space.

Here’s a list of services provided by Focus on Flooring Mississauga:

Commercial Stairs
Open Concept
Traditional Stairs
Open Concept Stairs
Curve Shaped Stairs Cases
Combined Stairs
Glass Rail stairs
Ornamental Rails
Contempo Railing
Classic Metal Railing
Estate Railing

Tile Flooring Mississauga

At Focus on Flooring Mississauga, we install new and versatile premium marble, granite and other precious stone to accommodate your decoring needs. Our Tilling services are offered across Mississauga and the GTA We will be able to assist you with determining appropriate square footage as well as design concepts to turn any of your dream project ideas into a reality.

If you are looking for the right company to assist in installing Tile flooring in Mississauga This is the perfect opportunity. It is also the top choice of those in the real estate business, as homes with hardwood flooring tend to sell at higher prices than those with other types of flooring.

Here is a list of Tile flooring recommended by Focus on Flooring Mississauga:


Tiling Contractors in Mississauga

Our Bathroom and kitchen tiling services in Mississauga are well known for the most cost-effective options that Focus on Flooring offers. Bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Mississauga services is more affordable than you think. We offer a wider range of tilling options that fit the needs of all renovation ideas and style options that will beat our competitors.

When hiring a bathroom and Kitchen tiling company to upgrade or update your home, you can be sure that you’ll be completely satisfied with Focus on Flooring Mississauga’s professional services.

Here is a list of Tile services offered by Focus on Flooring Mississauga:

Bath Remodeling
Shower Remodeling
Kitchen Remodeling
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