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Solid Hardwood Floors



Solid Hardwood is exactly that, a solid piece of wood throughout. One of our favorite advantages of solid hardwood construction is that most 3/4” thick solid wood floors have about 1/4” or 6 mm of wood above the tongue and groove, meaning they can be sanded many times. Once properly cared for, a solid hardwood floor can last for generations.


Solid Hardwood flooring can be both nail down with glue assist (tongue and grove glue) , nail down, stapled down. The installation process that is recommended if the planks are 6” or greater is nail down with glue assist. There are a few disadvantages of solid hardwood. It cannot be installed below grade or over radiant heat. Focus On Flooring also recommends not installing it over a concrete subfloor.


It is not recommended to use wet mop or steam mops as this will damage the finish of the floor. Use a slightly damped cloth to remove any dust or dirt, be sure to remove any liquid spills immediately and the temperature needs to be consistent in the home to avoid shrinkage or expansion during the changing seasons.


Solid Hardwood tends to be pricier than engineered flooring.

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