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Laminate Flooring



Laminate floors are constructed with a layer of fiber board made of wood byproducts. Then a design that resembles hardwood is printed on the material and is protected by a clear wear layer to protect the floors from scratching and stains. We recommend that laminate floors are installed in condos, apartments and basements.


Each laminate boards are manufactured with a click and lock edge that does not requires glue or nails. The locking system clicks, locks and is secure in place. This is a floating installation and a vapor barrier of choice will be placed prior to installation.


We recommend that you use cleaning products t6hat are specially made for laminate floor, a damp mop or a flat head spray mop will work best. Sweeping every few days and going over mopped floors with a dry cloth and be sure to remove any spills immediately to avoid damaging the floors.


Laminate floors are significantly less cost and may look natural and very similar to hardwood flooring

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