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BOEN LIVE PURE Engineered Mild Grey 9/16″ x 5 7/16″ x 86 5/8″


Ask for a quote: Get the best pricing for your specific need!
Delivery options starting at CAD $80

BOX / COVERAGE: 1 Boxes will cover 32.95 Sq ft


Finding the floor for your project has never been so easy. Use our floor options and find the hardwood floor that fulfils your needs and demands. Choose the colour, the format and the surface treatment you prefer and try different room views.

A high-quality wooden floor not only ensures a pleasant climate in the room but is also particularly hard-wearing and durable. This makes hardwood flooring a floor covering that retains its value and often adapts to suit various furnishing trends over a period of several decades. If you opt for BOEN hardwood flooring, you can also look forward to a positive life cycle assessment, healthy living environment, and attractive design.

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