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The popcornceiling popcorn removal ceiling was a hot trend a decade back. It was a smart way for homeowners to enjoy textured ceilings that hid all the imperfections and toned down echoes. With time, this look fell out of vogue and was never much a part of modern designs anymore. However, you still find them in some of the older buildings, probably because the entire process involved in ceiling popcorn removal is incredibly difficult and pose numerous safety concerns as well.

Despite all the challenges involved, removing it has become a priority for homeowners that are looking for an update or wishing to sell their homes in a highly competitive market. And while many are tempted to give it a try on their own, it is better to seek assistance from expert popcorn ceiling removal folks to achieve cleaner and efficient results.

Focus On Flooring in Toronto offers this service with complete professionalism and perfection. Our team has extensive experience in the field and can deliver quick and accurate results with attention to detail. Besides, the ceiling professionals working with us are very well-trained in dealing with asbestos and hence, remove popcorn ceilings from older homes (that contain asbestos and lead) with utter ease.

Popcorn removal is a tricky, tedious, and delicate project and not something to be tackled yourself. A few silly mistakes can damage your ceilings and get costly to fix. So, if you have some popcorn ceilings at home that you want to say goodbye to, get in touch with us! Call us today for a free estimate for popcorn ceiling removal and interior painting services.

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